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What Should Your Catering Business Post on Instagram?

by Stephane Michaka

Catering companies can benefit when using Instagram. The length of time you’ve been in the catering business or the size of the company is not important. What’s important is that you want to get your name out there to a larger group of people and ensure that success is in your future.  If your company has yet to jump on the bandwagon and create an account with this social media platform, it’s time to take the plunge. Instagram has tons of benefits waiting for caterers. Go ahead and buy Insta likes from a reputable company after you post the following types of content to your page for your audience to enjoy.


What type of special offers do you have available? People love to eat and they love to get a discount. Provide them with the two things they love the most and everyone wins. Be sure to post the specials on Instagram for even more exposure. Ensure the fees that you provide to customers on this platform are unique to others that can be found elsewhere. Customers need to feel special and this is one way to help them do just that.


Photographs make wonderful reference when you want to sell your food. Be sure to post a variety of type of food pictures to appeal to a large audience of customers and events. People want to see what you can do that others cannot. Make sure the photos that you upload to the social media platform reflect the positive qualities that separate your brand from the others.

Employee Information

Post information about your employees on Insta. Customers want to build a personal connection with the brands they like. If you give them the opportunity to do that, it will only help our business in the long run. It is nice to provide these details to the customers who make your business go round.


Customers come to your Insta page to find out more about your brand but they also come to have fun. While you are providing them with information about the catering business, why not throw in a little fun, too? You can hold a contest, create a game, or find dozens of other ways to interact with your customers on a personalized level to encourage the fun. Let the good times roll and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of interaction your page receives as a result!

Catering businesses cannot go wrong when they post the content above on their Instagram page. These ideas are only a few of the many that you can use on social media to score major cool points with the audience that you serve. If you’re without an account, rush over to create one as soon as you can. It’s free to create an account and with so many exciting benefits, very much worth the time and effort that it takes to create this page for your brand.

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