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The Unspoken Rules of Social Media

by Stephane Michaka

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with more than 800 million active daily users. Instagram follows in second with an average of 300 million daily users. Whether you’re participating in one of these large platforms or using a smaller platform, it is important to invoke the rules of social media as you go along. Although there may not be any lists including these rules, everyone who uses social media knows they exist. Make sure to follow the golden rules and enjoy social media more than you do already.

Don’t Take it Personal

Social media can be a lot of fun but it has disadvantages, too. One of those is inflammatory comments designed to hurt your feelings. Don’t take these attacks personally. Count it as a bored child on the other end of the screen. Just block the person and move on with your life.

It’s not a Dating Platform

Tons of dating platforms are around but social media is not one of them. So, unless you are certain the feelings are mutual, don’t use the site as a place to hook up with other people, to send nude pics, etc. It is unwarranted and unnecessary.

Market on Social Media

Who says that only individuals enjoy social media? If you’d like to help your business grow to the next level, social media can help make that happen. With the right marketing techniques in place, you can accomplish great things.

Watch what you Post

What do you post on social media platforms? Be mindful of personal information that you post. This information can get in the wrong hands without you realizing what’s happened, even when you protect yourself on these platforms.

Quality Over Quantity

You can get Instagram likes free when the content that you upload is worthy.  This should cause you to focus more on the quality of the content that you post rather than the quantity. Don’t worry so much about how often you post it instead what you post.

Buy Followers

You can get Instagram likes free using many sources. But, you can also buy a few if you’d like. A lot of marketers are choosing to make this purchase because they know that it works wonderfully to spread their name to a larger audience. Maybe you should make this decision as well.

Don’t Be a Stranger

If you want people to remember who you are, it is vital that you’re a regular part of the social media scene. Once you select the sites that you will participate on most, make sure that it is a regular habit.

Be sure that you keep the unspoken rules of social media in mind anytime you decide to use one of the sites. I know that it took me some time to remember them all as only a few of the rules are listed here. But, in a short time you’ll catch on and remember all of the important rules that you are expected to follow as a participant on social media platforms.

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