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Surprising Ways to Get Instagram Photo Likes

by Stephane Michaka

There are tons of ways to get people to like your Instagram photos. Start with quality shots and finish with a bubbly personality and you can make a name for yourself on social media. Getting those photo likes feels great because it is nice to be wanted and liked by other people. However, there are a few ways to generate more likes on your photos that you might not be aware of yet. It is important to learn all of the many techniques that you can use to build your audience on social media. Read below to learn more about the ways to get likes.


Want to snag a few free likes to add to your photos on Insta? It is possible to do once you’ve completed a survey. Many companies need your thoughts and opinions about marketing matters and many others. As a reward, they provide free likes that you can add to your IG photos. The surveys are quick and easy and very much worth the effort that you put into them to generate more fans.


Hashtags help your content become more visible to other people who do not currently follow you. Statistics show that using 15+ hashtags in your posts will help get the most attention to that picture. So, make sure you include as many tags as possible in all of the content that you upload. Choose trending tags, as well as those that relate to your brand and the content in the photo.

Likes App

The Instagram likes an app is a cool tool that marketers can use to buy their likes within a few minutes.  Simply visit the app, decide the number of likes you want to buy, the photos that you want to add them to, and pay for the purchase. Anyone can use the app who wants to make this purchase. The Instagram likes app simplifies this marketing technique for everyone. Alternatively, you can visit sites like Buzzoid which offer Instagram likes at the best rates on the market!.

Cross Promote

Cross promoting is one of the easiest ways to get people interested in your brand and your various social media accounts. And, it doesn’t cost a thing to cross promote.  I enjoy cross-promoting. It’s easy and always helps me attract more eyes to my brand on my other platforms.

Promotional Ads

Promotional ads are available for a small fee. Customize an ad to your desire and let the world see what you are all about. These ads appear in the news feeds of people who have indicated similar interests in your targeted keywords. These ads cost very little money but provide an abundance of exposure for your brand. The ads run for a limited time but are worth their money.

There are many ways to get likes on your photos, many of which you might’ve never thought about before. The like-generation tips above are among the many ways that you can get more interest in your photos on IG. Make sure the information is put to use and let social media help you succeed.

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