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How Do I Know the Company is Legit?

by Stephane Michaka

When choosing a company to buy followers from, it’s important to choose a name that offers real accounts rather than bot-generated followers. If you purchase fake followers, you risk your entire account being deleted. This is against the terms of service of Instagram and they’re looking out for anyone that tries to manipulate their system. It’s scary to think that your account could be shut down but it is a risk if you’re not careful. But, exactly how do you know that you’re buying followers from a legitimate company?

Experience Matters

Generally, the best companies are those that have been around for a long time. They have real followers for sale and know what not to do to put your account at risk. These companies are genuinely looking out for your best interests. Look for an experienced company and you can leave some of your worries behind. The more experience the company offers, the more comfort you gain in their expertise.


When people recommend a company, they do so because the company impressed them. If you want a great company, you should look for names that come recommended by other people. Use the internet in the process to find the best companies that others recommend. The odds are high that the company is one that you can trust when they’re recommended by many other people. You can heed their advice and benefit yourself immensely when it’s time to make the selection.


First impressions count, especially when your hard-earned money and business reputation are both on the line. If the company fails to provide a good first impression, let your instincts guide you elsewhere. Far too many companies are out there to do business with a name that puts any doubt in your mind. If anything seems shady or off to you, there is a reason that you feel this way. Don’t take any risks when it comes to your Instagram account.


Look at the company website. Is it updated, easy to use, and professional in design? Shy away from any company that offers a less than impressive website or who shows other character flaws. If they care so little about their quality, what makes you think they’re concerned with yours?

Let the Learning Begin

The more research that you conduct, the more at ease you’ll feel when it is time to make your purchase. Most of the information you’ll find is online, which make plenty of sense since you’re shopping with the company online for a service that is provided online.

You’ve learned how to get more followers on Instagram through other techniques; this will be no different. The most important piece of information to remember is that your research is vital to a successful purchase when all is said and done. If the time is taken to search the companies, you can find a name that puts your mind at ease and provides the comfort that you want and need.

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